The Painted Corner

The Painted Corner

The name of my Blog is "The Painted Corner"...and this is a test post, my first one. Over the coming days, as I build my new website, I will add new blog posts. I want you to know why I have named my blog The Painted Corner, and I want you to know why I am currently working in Abstract. Exciting times! Join me. :)
~ Mickie
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Hello Dorothy!
Thank you for commenting, and my apologies for the delay in answering! I appreciate your encouragement and love that you have followed my journey! Marble paintings are a favourite of mine as well. I will be incorporating some of my previous work, including marbles, into my new work…so stay tuned!
Love from the Studio


I have admired your work – mostly those with the marbles; however I do not own one but not because I didn’t want one. Always good to try something new’; however I think some of your old are my favourites. I will watch for future works done by you. Respectfully, Dorothy DeBaie, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Dorothy DeBaie

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