The "Why"

The "Why"

As an artist the saying "painted into a corner" has a very different meaning for me than the original concept of literally painting oneself into a corner with no way out until the paint has dried.

I spent my whole life drawing and painting in a very realistic style, which included nearly 20 years in the gallery system, painting contemporary, realistic still-life and florals. It is what my collectors came to know and love. I do too! Yet, it was beginning to feel like I had figuratively painted myself into a corner. It was time to add something new to what I was already doing. A risky move to be sure, and it turned out the timing wasn't exactly ideal, but I took the leap...because my spirit needed me to.

To read more above me venturing out of that corner, and the events that have unfolded over the past few years, follow along in the next blog post.

From the Studio,

PS: The painting above is my one and only self-portrait...
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